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25 Years of Rhythmic Excellence: Cirencester's Premier Dance Hub Since 1997

CCDA’s mission is to foster your child’s talents and ambitions. CCDA is a fun place to learn to dance and perform where your success is our ambition.

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Dance, Cheerleading, Drama & Performence classes in Cirencester & The Cotswolds


Whether you’re passionate about dance, cheerleading, drama, or any form of performance arts, our classes cater to all ages and skill levels. With a team of dedicated and experienced instructors, we provide a vibrant and supportive environment where creativity thrives.

Our Programmes

Expert tuition is available in the following styles at CCDA.

CCDA was founded in 1997 with 10 enthusiastic performers.


We provide an enjoyable and broadranging introduction to the performing arts, as well as the specialist training required when pursuing a career in these disciplines. You can choose ISTD examinations in Ballet, Tap Jazz and Modern Theatre dance, or in house grading opportunities for all other genres.


My girls love CCDA! They have lots of chances to perform, they take exams & do holiday workshops.

They are taught by an amazing team of teachers & have made lots of friends.

- Laura Boxell

Through a community of support, friendship and camaraderie, we encourage and foster the talents of your child, in dance, cheerleading, drama and theatre performance, whilst developing confidence, physical skills and aiding the growth of life skills. We offer optional ISTD & LAMDA examinations, giving all the chance to achieve and build self-esteem through progressive skills.

We recognise that everyone has differing needs and abilities which will develops at different rates, The CCDA timetable has evolved to allow for the bespoke needs & abilities of the individual. We aim to nurture, and guide your dreams enabling the achievement of all ages, genders and abilities in dance, cheerleading drama and performing arts.

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